History of House Veks



November 4th

The Veks vessel crashes into St-Lawrence River, near Rimouski. A few family members are saved and taken ashore by Drak-Veks (Derek Viau), who becomes the family leader and caretaker.

December 1st

After about a month living in secret in an unmanned lighthouse, Drak-Veks (Derek Viau) manages to find work in a fish processing plant. He is helped by local fishermen who teach him French and who find him the job and a place to live. The place is an unused barn owned by George Dufresne, one of the fishermen. The barn is in rough shape and fairly cold, but the family survives.


July 12th

After a few months of hard labor, the barn is finally a home and not just a roof. Kids have beds, walls are insulated and electricity is hooked up.

During this time, it has become obvious that Kryptonians’ abilities are different while on Earth. Slowly progressing, Drak-Veks (Derek Viau) realizes he has many new capabilities. He is stronger, faster, tougher…

On the night of July 12th, when the house is finally done, a small party is put together at the barn. The guests are people from the fish plant, mostly. After most of the guests left, a local biker shows up and starts to threaten George Dufresne for unknown reasons. Drak-Veks (Derek Viau) steps in as the biker is about to beat the old fisherman. He punched the biker once, completely obliterating the biker’s head.

History of House Veks

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