In a World where Superman never existed…

Krypton was on the verge of disaster. Jor-El, from the House of El, used its vast knowledge of Kryptonian science and his house’s political power to put together Project New Krypton. A young planet was identified to be the new cradle of Kryptonian life. Ships were built to bring the settlers to the new location, but when Krypton proved to be more unstable than Jor-El had ever envisioned, the project had to be executed in a hurry.

Lost in Space

Ships were sent hastily into space as the magnificent planet was reduced to dust. This is how many capsules missed the target planet, drifting to an unplanned location.

A New Home

1995 was a very active year for falling meteorites on Earth, especially for strange green crystals… Human satellites failed to pick up on the unique signature of Kryptonian vessels that pierced through Earth’s atmosphere.

Northern Lands

A vessel containing the last members of the House of Veks fell into the St-Lawrence River. After months of a voyage that was supposed to last a week or two at most, the Patriarch of the House, Hor-Veks, had placed the younglings in stasis to save their lives. In the process, the adults on board did not have sufficient resources to survive. They sacrificed their lives willingly to ensure the survival of their progeny and House.

On a cold night of November, a few survivors of the House of Veks swam onto the shore of Rimouski. This became House of Veks’ refuge.

The oldest member of the House, Drak-Veks, who was 23 at the time, is the only adult to have survived the voyage. He is the one who took care of the young ones despite dealing with dark emotions following the death of all his loved ones.

This is the story of House Veks.


Sons of Krypton